Distinctive Online Marketing is built on a philosophy that any size company, regardless of budget, should have access to enterprise level expertise.

Expert, Affordable Online Marketing Services

AdWords Management

Comprehensive AdWords management services that streamline your AdWords budget to work in the best way possible for your business.

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WordPress Hosting and Management

For those who desire to keep their business simple, we offer simple and reliable WordPress hosting, optimization and webmaster services for your business website.

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Affordable WordPress Websites

Semi-custom WordPress websites with maximum SEO (search engine optimization) power to represent your business.

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Bing Campaigns

Offering affordable Bing campaign setups for your small to medium business. Utilize the search power of Bing for your local business and broaden your reach at an average lower CPC.

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AdWords Optimizations

Offering one-time and monthly optimization services for your new or existing AdWords PPC campaigns. PPC optimizations with the latest in best practices and customized to maximize revenue and return for your specific business.

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AdWords Campaigns

Offering the strongest AdWords campaigns specifically designed for your small to medium business. One-time setups or setups with monthly optimizations. Scale our AdWords setup services to work for your business needs.

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Distinctive Online Marketing is a premier agency with over 15 years experience in pay per click advertising, WordPress websites and optimization for small and medium businesses. Offering enterprise level attention to detail at an affordable price with customized campaigns to maximize ROI for your specific business model.
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Hacking AdWords For Low Budget Campaigns

Have you wanted to start with AdWords but severely lack the budget? I have been there a few times and currently just launched a campaign with a very low $300 a month budget. I am going to share with you the hacks I use to launch a low budget campaign that has a global niche. I currently launched an AdWords campaign for AdWords services, which is a ludicrously competitive niche, with an impossibly low budget of $300 a month (or a $3 daily budget). I will publicly share every aspect of this campaign as a case study and to share the intricacies of slowly building an AdWords campaign over time to eventually achieve the results you need. The trick to fast results in an AdWords campaign is a fat budget. Some of us don’t have that luxury. This case study is not for those with a huge budget, in fact, it […]

You Are Overthinking SEO

Are we overthinking search engine optimization? Yes. Perhaps there was a time where it was a valuable use of time to overthink SEO, however that is just not the case anymore. Although there are numerous complaints about Google’s algorithm updates, I can tell you that Google is only making it easier for us to produce high quality SEO, for small business websites, without really thinking about it. There are many who believe that SEO is on the way out. I agree with this to a point, however there has always been “different types” of SEO and I have always made a point to practice the “right kind”, which does not include the following: When you are worrying about how many times a specific keyword appears in each paragraph of your website content. You are overthinking SEO When you are consistently trying to get links back to your website. You are overthinking […]

Where Are The Manual Location Extensions in AdWords?

OK, so you are working through AdWords and setting up a campaign when you notice that there is yet another update that automatically bases location extensions on a Google Places account. What if you don’t have one? What if you are working for a client through MCC? When I first discovered this update, I about pulled my hair out trying to figure out where the heck to setup a location extension. Then I found it…and felt really stupid. What I love about Google changes is that the solution is so obviously hidden. So here it is. First. Don’t setup the location extension when you are setting up the campaign. This is where it gets you. You click on ‘Extend my ads with location information’ hoping to find the familiar form to add an address, only to be greeted by a popup.     What the heck? Well just hit the […]

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