How Do You Prove You Are AdWords Certified?

How Do You Prove You Are AdWords Certified?

This is a topic I have been searching on for months. Ever since the launch of the Google Partners program, there is literally no way to “prove” that you, as an individual, have passed the AdWords exams. If you work for a Partner Agency, your exams only add to a count, yet you cannot click that count and get the names of the individuals who have passed the exams.

For example, the count below is shown by the agency I work for and shows that there are 2 individuals who passed the ‘Search Advertising’ exam and 1 that passed the ‘Display Advertising’ exam. Since I am the one that passed the Display exam and one of the ones that passed the ‘Search’ exam, how do I prove it? Well, I can’t.


how to prove you are adwords qualified individual

A method that other individuals are suggesting is providing a screenshot of your passed exams. This is great and all, except the fact that it is unprofessional and still doesn’t really prove anything. Case and point…

i can't prove that I am adwords certified

This screenshot is from my personal exam page, showing that I passed the exams. The only problem is that there is no name and no identifying information to prove that it is actually mine. Even if there were this “identifying information”, there is always PhotoShop. If someone posted an image without the watermarks, anyone can take that same screenshot and claim it as their “proof” of passing the exams. Again, doesn’t prove anything.

If you are a job-seeker in this space, this is a huge problem. Most employers desire or require these Google exams to be considered for employment. So currently, it seems like anyone can just go ahead and say they are AdWords Certified on their resume as there is also no way to prove that they are not. Without a database to search for a qualified individual, there is no way for a potential employer to verify these credentials prior to hiring them.

There is one way..

On the employer end, if the company is a Google Partner, there is only one way that I know of to secure this proof. It is a little (ok, almost extremely) “round-about”, but if you are at the point where you are making a hiring decision and you absolutely need proof, it will work. This will also work if you just hire them on blind faith pending verification of their exams.

Step 1. 

Make sure your company has a Google Partners profile (certified or not).

Step 2.

Have the potential employee add an affiliation to your company on their Partners profile. (It is easy to find)

Step 3.

In your company Google Parters profile, click on the ‘People’ tab and add their certification partners profile email to your list.

Step 4.

Wait a couple of days (or a few) if it doesn’t appear instantly. If you decide not to hire them, just delete them.

Step 5.

If they are certified, your exam count should have gone up by 1, proving that they have passed the exams.

Another potentially “unprofessional” method is to have them login to their Google Partners profile during their interview (on a clean browser of course), have them show you the page where their exams were completed and verify the profile is theirs and have them logout. This may border on “unethical hiring practices” however.

Where Are The Manual Location Extensions in AdWords?

Where Are The Manual Location Extensions in AdWords?

OK, so you are working through AdWords and setting up a campaign when you notice that there is yet another update that automatically bases location extensions on a Google Places account. What if you don’t have one? What if you are working for a client through MCC? When I first discovered this update, I about pulled my hair out trying to figure out where the heck to setup a location extension.

Then I found it…and felt really stupid. What I love about Google changes is that the solution is so obviously hidden. So here it is.

First. Don’t setup the location extension when you are setting up the campaign. This is where it gets you. You click on ‘Extend my ads with location information’ hoping to find the familiar form to add an address, only to be greeted by a popup.

where are the manual location extensions?


AdWords Manual Location Extensions Disappeared


What the heck? Well just hit the cancel and skip it. Continue setting up your campaign and when you are done, go to the campaign dashboard and visit ‘Ad Extensions’ tab. When I first did this..I still could not figure out where to add a manual address, until I found this…

How to add a manual location extension in AdWords


See the little tab there? Sneaky little thing. Switch it to ‘Not upgraded’ and boom….you can now add your manual location extension (for now).